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Favorite Silent Hill 3 character?

Well, there's not much activity here, is there?! C'mon people, don't be shy! XD XD XD Anyway, I hope this is okay here; but if it's not, mods feel free to take it down!!!

So, I've got a question for everyone here!!!

Who is your favorite Silent Hill 3 character and why?

Well, I haven't beaten SH3 yet, but... With what I've seen so far?

My favorite character is Heather Mason. I know that sounds a tad bit cliche, but I share the same name as her. ^^; I also act like her a lot! I love her cowgirl fashion sense, too.

My second place would have to be Vincent. He's just eccentric to me! (That's a compliment, folks.) He reminds me of a darker version of Harry Mason. :0 I like the fact that he comes across as not only strange, but intimidating. Eh, my POV here.

Feel free to discuss. :D
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