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Silent Hill

Join Harry Mason as he searches for his daughter, Cheryl, who has disappeared following a car accident which left Harry unconscious. He finds Silent Hill to be largely abandoned, shrouded in a thick fog, snowing out of season, filled with monsters and being over taken by a hellish otherworld. As Harry scours the town, he begins learning about the history of Silent Hill and stumbles upon a cult attempting a ritual that he knows he has to stop.

ORIGINAL RELEASE DATE: January 31st, 1999
SYSTEMS: Playstation


(Everyone could've started the game on the 2nd of course, I just got back into town today though, which is why this post is a couple days late! ;D)
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SH:0 -- nearing the end!

Next weekend closes the Silent Hill: Origins month, so I thought I should start up this topic. What ending did you get? Did you notice anything new this time around? Did your view on anything change in the game?

And remember, if you find anything you would like to post about while we're playing during the month (theories, things you didn't know about before, etc.) feel free to post about them! :D
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(Okay, it's a little after the middle, but you know what I mean. ;D)

And here is an activity for our current game this month, Silent Hill: Origins. Go into your favorite little paint program and draw a scene or character from this game we are working on at the moment. It can be your favorite scene, one you thought was silly, your favorite character or monster -- anything from SH:0.

No worries! It doesn't have to look amazing! That is the point of this activity~! Silliness!
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Silent Hill: Origins - Fan Recommendations!

If there is a Silent Hill: Origins fanwork you want to share by another person (you found it on deviantArt, you saw it on a message board, someone's LJ, etc.) then this is your chance to link it and share it with the rest of the community!

You can share pretty much anything fanmade: art, writing, fanmixes, costumes, icons, wallpaper, other graphics, anything. Just make sure you credit the artist if their name/username/etc. isn't on the page you're linking to. If you have any questions about this, please direct them to this post! Comments on here are going to be fanwork-related only! :D
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For fanworks, this is basically how it'll go (which was a little different than originally intended). :D

For recommending fanworks that aren't your own: There will be a post each month (one for each game) where you can share links to other people's fanworks pertaining to the game we're on (with proper credit to the person, of course ;D). The one for SH:0 will be going up soon, so if you have any certain fanworks by others (fanfiction, fanart, icons, wallpapers, costumes, etc.) you can comment on the SH:0 fanworks post and share a link to said piece!

For sharing your own fanworks: If you have something you would like to share (fanfiction, fanart, icons, wallpapers, costumes, etc.) you can make your own post for it, just be sure to tag it correctly (check here for the tags list -- #fw: sharing is for your own works, #fw: recs will be on the recs posts). We'll try to keep all the fanwork sharing to whatever game we're on that month, but if you create something for a game we've already passed (say we're on SH4 and you've done a SH2 piece) then you can go ahead and post it anyways.

If the fanwork you are recommending/sharing has things/characters from multiple SH games in it: If this happens then you can pick whichever month/game you want to post it in, just make sure you tag it with all of the games that appear in the piece.

Please feel free to comment here and ask me if you have any questions about this! I look forward to seeing all kinds of fun art, fiction, icons, wallpapers, costumes, fanmixes -- everything!
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Silent Hill: Origins

Follow a truck driver named Travis Grady as he finds himself becoming involved in the events of Silent Hill when he rescues a young girl from a burning house. As he tries to investigate the mystery surrounding her fate in the town of Silent Hill, he also finds himself uncovering long-forgotten truths about his childhood.



(This is just the general WE'RE STARTING NOW post! lol, I would've posted this on the first day we started the game but I have been not feeling so hot all weekend. So it's a couple days late!)

Better late than never?

 Hey everyone! I've been meaning to write up an intro post but for whatever reason kept putting it off. Now that it's time to actually start the playthroughs I figured I might as well get it out of the way! 

So, hello, I'm Marcus. I've been into the Silent Hill series since about 2002, but not from playing it or even having an older sibling to watch. I recall just reading gaming magazines and being entranced by the retrospectives of SH 1, 2 and the previews of SH3. I don't know what it was about it but the game immediately interested me even without having seen it in action. Of course when I was 13 and convinced my mom I was "mature enough" I picked up SH3 and quickly had the bejeesus scared out of me. But I was also in love. 

Ever since my first encounter with SH3 I NEEDED to play the rest. And once I had played the rest (1-4 at the time) I still wasn't satisfied. I branched out to any survival horror title I could get my hands on. When I wasn't gaming I was watching horror movies. This hasn't really changed over the years :P. Basically, I'm a huge horror nut and I think the catalyst for it was the Silent Hill series.

As one might expect, I'm also a big fan of the Resident Evil series. I generally respect whatever horror titles I play, and since there's so many titles I'll just say games I like that might be a little unexpected. The only other HUGE game obsession I have is over Dance Dance Revolution and to a lesser degree other music/rhythm games. I also love point and click adventure games. 

...and I should probably stop this post before I continue on and on :P. Anyways, it's nice to meet you all. I look forward to playing through games with everyone!
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Some community tips!

Here is how each month will work! We start the game on whatever day is designated (the schedule can be found here -- I tried to have us start on weekends to give people lots of play time at the start) and everyone can play through at their own pace (within the month ;D).

Some notes on what will be posted each month:

-- Over the course of the month, anyone can start topics on the community concerning theories/discussions, etc. If you see/come across something in the game we're all playing that you want to discuss or ask others about, post about it!

-- If you are new to the community, please go ahead and post an introduction if you'd like! It doesn't matter if we're in the middle of a game or anything, we always welcome new members!

-- A couple times a week I'll be posting things like fanwork sharing threads (different threads concerning different types of fanworks: fanmixes, art, fiction, videos, costumes, etc. -- and anyone can respond with things they made or stuff they have found from others [with proper credit] concerning what ever game we happen to be on), graphic sharing threads (the same as the fanworks except with icons, wallpapers, etc.), polls (self-explanatory! XD) and other activities (hehe).

If you have an idea for anything else you might like to see, please feel free to let me know!
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And we're off!

If it's all right that I get the discussions rolling now that we've officially started, what were your hopes/expectations for Origins? Did you have any initial fears about an American developer taking over the series?

Personally, I was one of those who were greatly disappointed with The Room, and my interest in the series pretty much dropped off the map for a while, so even when they finally announced they were reviving the series with Origins, I didn't follow all that closely during development. I think that worked to my advantage, however, as I ended up enjoying the game more than I would have with high expectations. I'll be playing through it for the second time, and I'm hoping I'll get much more out of it this round since I haven't had the opportunity to discuss it in-depth with anyone until now. :)
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The schedule!

For the order we're playing the games in, it looks like from a vote of 7 to 3 we'll be going with the In-Universe Chronological Timeline. Now this timeline can definitely be up for debate with a couple of the installements (especially Shattered Memories) but looking at a few SH sites and so on and then compiling a list, this is what I have for the order. It may not be OMG SUPER EXTREMELY CORRECT, but it is in basic timeline order and will give us a good mix of old and new at different times. XD

March 5th - April 2nd: Silent Hill: Origins
April 2nd - May 1st: Silent Hill
May 1st - June 4th: Silent Hill 2
June 4th - July 2nd: Silent Hill: Shattered Memories
July 2nd - August 6th: Silent Hill 3
August 6th - September 3rd: Silent Hill 4: The Room
September 3rd - October 1st: Silent Hill Homecoming
October 1st - FOREVER: the movie, other theories, etc. We will figure it out when we make it to that point!

So that means tomorrow we start on Silent Hill: Origins (with more info on the playthrough coming tomorrow)! Do you have SH:0? What system will you be playing it on? Have you played/beaten it before? Hit up the comments section below and let us know!