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Neely's Bar --

there was a hole here...

Neely's Bar - grab a drink!
Silent Hill
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Neely's Bar. A Silent Hill Playthrough (and geekery) Community!

Greetings from Neely's Bar! We are a community that originally started out aiming to replay and discuss some of the aspects of Konami's Silent Hill series. But we've grown a bit and decided that besides just playing the series again and talking about it, we could branch out and include other fun activities such as sharing fan things (fiction, art, costumes, etc.), discussing theories and rambling about the other fun aspects that make up the games (music, design, small little things you noticed, all kinds of stuff).

So if you're a fan of the series, or even someone who doesn't know much about it but wants to get in on it, please join up! There will be Silent Hill related fun and maybe some new friends will be made all around!

October 2010: Silent Hill
November 2010: Silent Hill 2
December 2010: Silent Hill 3
January 2011: Silent Hill 4: The Room
February 2011: Silent Hill: Origins
March 2011: Silent Hill: Homecoming
April 2011: Silent Hill: Shattered Memories
May - FOREVER: the movie, other theories, etc. We will figure it out when we make it to that point!

Things besides the PLAYTHROUGH threads that you may find here: fanart, fanfiction, fanmixes, theories, discussions, icons, etc. -- if you have any questions about something you think you might want to post, go ahead and ask about it in the question post. We'll be posting fanworks and theories and such pertaining to whatever game we're on at the moment, so keep an eye out on the community and at the tags list!

And yes, we welcome crack/silliness/insanity. So feel free to add all that as well! ;D
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